Quick and easy cashless payments.

Personalized points of sale, online/qr ordering, inventory management, financial reporting and more! Sjef. Events has the tools you need for your event from start to finish.


Turbo POS

Improve customer flow by processing transactions at lightning speed. The Turbo POS is a fraud-proof solution, even without electricity and internet, that allows you to process transactions completely offline.

Introduce QR ordering now at your event.

Why force your visitors to have to stand in line and miss moments of the show? Give them the freedom to decide how they want to order and pay.

QR ordering has many benefits:


Never leave your visitors waiting in line again.

Some aspects at an event sometimes require visitors to wait in line: whether it’s a restaurant or attraction. By offering the entire assortment in one online environment, your visitors know what they can buy at your event. How nice! Because now your visitors can get a quick snack or drink instead of standing in line for 30 minutes.

"Sjef. is the new kid in town. In the middle of the corona pandemic, they proved to be the ideal partner in reinventing the wheel."

Fulco, Air Amsterdam

Bar and kitchen screen.

Receive all your orders from your own ordering site, QR code, order kiosk, handheld and cash register on your bar and kitchen screen. You decide how you want to receive the routing of your orders.

Orders can also be transferred to a receipt printer.


More and more venues and event sites have a fixed Internet connection. Our team will meet with you to determine the best solution for your event.

We have our own stock of beamlines, 4G routers and WIFI points but if it makes sense to outsource this element then we will advise accordingly. We have partnerships with the best network specialists in the Netherlands!

Start increasing the customer experience at your event.

Discover all the possibilities for yourself. You're not stuck with anything and you can ask all your questions right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple options tailored to your needs and infrastructure. We would like to talk to you to find the best solution, tailored to your every needs. We make sure everything is delivered to you fully working. We also think along with you about power and internet supply.

We always make a customized offer depending on your needs and desires. We first need more information from you for this. 

Of course, smaller events also use our system. You want to give your visitors the perfect experience, with that it doesn’t matter if you are a small or large event.

Of course, that would be very annoying but that chance is quite small. Fortunately, our system can also work offline! We are happy to explain all options to you during an on-site demonstration.

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